About Nawanagar Block

    Nawanagar is one of the 11 blocks in Buxar district. The total population of the block is 137,569. There are 95 villages and 0 towns in this block. The literacy rate is 54.23%. The female literacy rate is 35.88%. The male literacy rate is 70.91%.
    The number of households in Nawanagar is 19,087. All the households are rural and there is no urban households. Female to male ratio of Nawanagar is 91.38% compared to the Bihar's female to male ratio 91.93%. It is unsatisfactory and the people should drive some campaign to improve this. The literacy rate of the block is 47% compared to the literacy rate of state 47%. The literacy rate of the block is comparable to state literacy rate. Anyhow, the rate of literacy is very low and needs immediate attention of Union and State Government. The female literacy rate is 35.88% compared to male literacy rate of 70.91%. The total working population is 41.18% of the total population. 58.79% of the men are working population . 21.81% of the women are working population. The main working population is 29.39% of the total population. 48.98% of the men are main working population . 7.84% of the women are main working population . While the marginal working population is 11.79% of the total population. 9.81% . of the men are marginal working population. 13.97% of the women are marginal working population. The total non-working population is 58.82% of the total population. 41.21% of the men are non-working population . 78.19% of the women are non-working population.